Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Must Know Facts About The Indian Independence Act, 1947

indian independence act

Based on the Mountbatten Plan, the British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Bill, 1947. Ten major points of the Independence Act that every Indian must know.

1. It fixed the date of 15th August 1947 for setting up the two Dominions.

2. It indicated the territorial divisions of India into India and Pakistan and the constitution of the two provinces each in Bengal and Punjab. India would comprise all the British India Provinces excepting the areas which were to go to Pakistan.

3. Pakistan was to comprise East Bengal, West Punjab, Sind and Sylhet district of Assam.

4. The responsibility of His Majesty’s Government in India and the suzerainty of His Majesty over the Indian States would lapse on 15th August 1947.

5. The Indian States could accede to either of the two Dominions.

6. There would be a separate Governor-General for each Dominion who would be appointed by His Majesty and would represent His Majesty for the purposes of the government of the Dominion.

7. There would be a separate Legislature for each Dominion with full authority for making laws unhindered by the British Parliament.

8. The Act also laid down temporary provision for the government of the Dominions by giving to the two Constituent Assemblies the status of Parliament with the full powers of Dominion Legislature.

9. It authorized the Governor-General to issue temporary orders for making provisions as appeared to him to be necessary or expedient in order to bring the Act into effective operation.

10. Lastly, it prescribed the conditions and terms of the Secretary of State’s Services and the Indian Armed Forces, the continuance of the jurisdiction or authority of His Majesty’s Government over the British army, navy and air force.

On the midnight of 14-15 August in terms of the Indian Independence Act, two Dominions of India and Pakistan were constituted.

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